This Twitter User Shares ADORABLE Pics And Urges Pet Owners To Travel With Their Pets


As summer vacations are approaching many families will be planning trip abroad or going back to their home towns, this is really an exciting time for all but what about the pets that you have at home?

A shoutout to all pet owners out there, your pets need you the most and leaving them behind uncared for is the biggest NO NO of all time.

According to PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) leaving animals alone or NOT in the right hands can lead to your pup developing a number of health issues like separation anxiety, destructive behavior, depression and much more.

This Dubai based Twitter user had tweeted the CUTEST picture of a fluffy Maltese pup and had typed out a message urging pet owners to take their pets with them whilst travelling and not leaving them alone.

He also reminded his followers that doggos do have passports which enable them to travel in and out of the country

A quick little 411 on the importing and exporting of your pups

  1. To take your pet out of the country you will require a basic export permit that will then be examined at the cargo village of Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah international airports.
  2. A valid rabies vaccination will also be required (between one year to 30 days)
  3. Certificates and paperwork to show that your pet has been microchiped
  4. An original Veterinary Health Certificate

You can also contact your vet and the airlines that you are planning your trip with to inquire about all the necessary procedures to safely travel in and out of the country with the cutest member of your family.

Your doggo high-key hinting at you to take them with you like…


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