Abu Dhabi Is Dedicated To Creating The Perfect Turtle Rehabilitation Area

Mayar Ibrahim

Save the turtles! Abu Dhabi is taking every step necessary to protect the environment and its little friends. Moreover, the Department of Culture and Tourism signed an agreement with the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. They agreed to turn the waters at the Louvre Abu Dhabi into a turtle rehabilitation area.

The Abu Dhabi Media Agency announced the DCT and EAD’s partnership

This project is the last step of the rehabilitation cycle. It takes place before they release the marine animals into the sea. Moreover, it is an extension of the EAD’s Wildlife Rescue Program with The National Aquarium.

This project highlights the capital’s existing conservation efforts. Therefore, Abu Dhabi is preparing the animals for release into its waters in 2023.

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Abu Dhabi is dedicated to creating the perfect turtle rehabilitation area

The DCT and EAD chose the Louvre Abu Dhabi as a suitable rehabilitation area for sea turtles. Both departments researched the sea turtles’ natural habitat. Additionally, they discovered that the Louvre’s waters are suitable for the animals.

Moreover, the area is accessible to visitors. The departments are eager to teach the public through exhibits, workshops, and events.

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