A TV Presenter Is Going To Prison For Falsely Reporting COVID Related Deaths In Abu Dhabi


Justice is always served at the end of the day – especially if you’re in the UAE. In the middle of the COVID pandemic, governments around the world have been requesting people to not spread fake news or panic amongst others to keep the situation contained. 

However, recently a sports TV channel in Abu Dhabi reported that a family of five died due to coronavirus. 

The Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeal has now found out that the entire story was completely fake and that a family like that does not even exist.

Not only was the story false, but the TV Presenter who took the story live also did not fact-check any detail

He did not contact the authorities to confirm the accuracy of the story

In a recent development, the Federal Court of Appeal has ordered a two-year prison sentence for the TV presenter. Another guest who appeared on the show and was asked questions about the story is an expat in the UAE. 

The expat has also been jailed and will be deported back to his home country after the end of the sentence

This has been a tough year in so many ways and the last thing anyone wants is unnecessary rumours and fake news



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