Incredible: The UAE Has Developed A ‘Promising’ COVID-19 Treatment


The UAE Has Developed A ‘Promising’ COVID-19 Treatment…

Researchers in Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center developed a stem cell treatment for Covid-19 and it’s showing promising results. The patients who received stem cells therapy improved faster than those who received the standard treatment.

Patients who received the stem cells treatment demonstrated clinical improvement within the first FOUR days of treatment, while the standard treatment group takes eight days to show similar results. The news was announced at the COVID-19 media briefing on Wednesday, via Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi, Hematologist and Stem Cell Co-researcher.

At the media briefing, it was also announced COVID-19 infections in the UAE have passed 40,000 and gov officials clarified inclusive reports regarding the transmission by asymptomatic individuals

Hospital time was reduced for those who received the treatment

If you read the reports that transmission between asymptomatic patients is rare, the UAE clarified these findings are inconclusive

And a final note before you begin your weekend: act responsibly!

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