A UAE Influencer Has Been Fined AED300,000 For Insulting A Popular Emirati Actress On Social Media


Another day, another influencer rant!

However, this time the said social media influencer has landed himself in the soup for using offensive language against an Emirati actress on Instagram.

An Abu Dhabi-based man has been fined AED300,000 for insulting the victim who showed her support for the Saudi government to allow women to drive cars on their roads.

The accused has a large following on social media platforms and he posted a video of himself criticising the Emirati woman, who is widely known as ‘Kashoona.’

He was brought before the the Abu Dhabi Misdemeanour Court who not only asked the offensive videos to be deleted from the man’s Instagram account but also ordered his account to be shut down for a period of two months.

Apart from this, the court has also ordered the man to pay AED21,000 in compensation to Kashoona.

Where does the rant stem from…

The attack came after the woman posted a video on Instagram and Snapchat in which she was seen driving a red pickup truck and saying she was ‘proud’ to be in Saudi Arabia. She is also the first Emirati woman to drive on Saudi roads.

Following which the accused released a video condemning her actions and using inappropriate language against her. The woman targeted in the video then filed a complaint against him.

Her lawyer, Abeer Dahmani said in court that the video has caused her client severe “financial and moral damages that cannot be undone.”

She further argued, “in the video, the man insulted my client and abused her using all sorts of bad words. The comments were so offensive, undermining and had damaged the reputation of my client among her fans and in the society.”

The final verdict is yet to be declared.


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