In Other News: A UAE Man Has Been Jailed (And Fined) For Calling His Fiancée “Idiot” On WhatsApp


Residents who aren’t familiar with the UAE’s strict cybercrime laws….let this be a reminder!

An Abu Dhabi court recently sentenced a young GCC national for 60 days in jail and fined him AED20,000.

His crime?

The man had sent his fiancée a message calling her an ‘idiot’ (habla in Arabic) on WhatsApp.

According to a report on Emarat Al Youm, the man claimed in court that he used the word in a joking manner, but the woman took it as an insult and filed a court complaint against him.

Sending anything offensive on social media is considered a cybercrime in the UAE

You can be jailed and fined AED250,000 up to AED1 million for offending anybody in the country.


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