No Country In The World Celebrates National Day Like The UAE And Its Residents Did


This weekend, the internet was jam-packed with posts in tribute to UAE’s 47th National Day.

But what struck me was not the number of local brands or even Emiratis who where sharing love for the country, it was people from all over the world who now call the UAE home that were paying tribute to the UAE in their droves.

The internet was awash with red, green, white and black and the posts of thanks and gratitude will seriously give you the feels.

From the individual tributes…

Like local runner and endurance athlete Lee Ryan who mapped out ‘UAE National Day’ on GPS during a 30km run

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People did amazing things to show love for the country

Kris Fade and his family shared what they love about the UAE

Schools and kids across the country held parades and shows – TOO cute!

Still flying the flag, ever when tuckered out!

‘For giving us opportunity, respect and so much love’ – so many heartwarming tributes were shared to the ‘gram

There were notable international tributes

Times Square in NYC was LIT in UAE colours

While a small town in Italy named ‘Magione’ named a square and a street after Dubai and United Arab Emirates


Screenshot 2018 12 04 07 57 33
Screenshot 2018 12 04 07 57 48

To big tributes over important places

For the first time ever, Emirates, Etihad, Air Arabia and Fly Dubai joined forces for an airshow over Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah

So many people got to view this extraordinary sight – shout out the the UAE for another incredible day

“I love UAE”


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