UAE Sends Aid To Emirati Couple Injured In Prague Shooting

Mayar Ibrahim

On Thursday, 15 people fell victim to a tragic mass shooting in the Czech Republic. This was where an unfortunate toll of lives reached 15, with an additional 25 individuals sustaining injuries. Amongst the wounded were an Emirati couple. The UAE sent aid the the injured Emirati man and his wife.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is diligently monitoring the condition of the Emirati couple

This underscores the global concern and the collaborative efforts required to support those affected by such distressing incidents. Additionally, the Ministry is providing comprehensive support and health care to the injured in coordination with the Czech authorities.

On December 21, a college student at Charles University in Prague opened fire in the corridors and classrooms of the building

The gunman shot and killed 15 people, including his father. Additionally, he injured 25 people. The time of the shooting took place at 3pm local time. Alternatively, Czech President Petr Pavel appealed for unity and said the killings should not be used to launch political attacks or spread misinformation. Also, the Czech President announced Saturday, December 23 as a national day of mourning.

Senstivie footage below.


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