UAE’s Culture And Traditions Are Showcased In These Photos Of The UAE President

Mayar Ibrahim

For generations, the UAE’s heritage celebrated the essential skills of falconry. It is a sport symbolizing the close bond between man and nature. Additionally, horseback riding has always been integral to Emirati life. The UAE is constantly showcasing its culture and traditions, and the President is no different!

The UAE President visited the 20th Edition of Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition

He attended a number of pavilions participating in the event. Moreover, the event takes place under the theme of Sustainability and Heritage. His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed visited many pavilions that highlight the UAE’s culture and traditions.

Abu Dhabi Media Office shared a video of the late Founding Father Sheikh Zayed talking about UAE culture and traditions

H.H Sheikh Zayed al Nahyan emphasised how falconry, hunting, and equestrian is an integral part of UAE culture. The nation holds Arabian horses in high esteem for their beauty and endurance. Furthermore, falcons are revered partners in the desert hunt, and their training is an art passed down through families.

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