Unforgettable Moments That Defined Yasalam After-Race Concerts!

Mayar Ibrahim

The echoes of the Yasalam After-Race Concerts still linger in the air, leaving behind a trail of unforgettable moments and shared joy. The events showcased a spectacular fusion of music, art, and culture, creating an immersive experience that resonated with attendees. From electrifying performances by renowned artists to vibrant displays of  talent, Yasalam 2023 was a celebration that exceeded expectations.

People flocked to Abu Dhabi to create unforgettable memories at the Yasalam After-Race Concerts like:

On Thursday, November 23, Ava Max kicked off the after-race concerts with an electrifying performance

Ava Max started the night off strong with poppin’ hits like “Sweet but Pyscho,” “Kings and Queens,” “Dancing’s Done,” and so much more. The crowd danced and sang their hearts out to every song. Also, Ava Max gave it her own with an epic performance.

Ava wasn’t the only performer on Thursday, Tiestö ended the night with an EPIC party that left the crowd going wild!

Tiestö went all out with poppin’ remixes, original mixes, and his chart topping classics. From fireworks and confetti to light shows, the crowd was buzzed with the visual and musical art he brought to stage.

Following opening night was none other than Chris Brown himself!

Yasalam’s After-Race Concerts hit a high note as Chris Brown owned the stage, turning the night into a non-stop dance party! The Grammy-winner brought the house down with his killer moves and chart-topping hits, making it a post-race bash to remember. The crowd was on fire, and Chris Brown’s performance was the cherry on top of an already unforgettable weekend.

Adding onto the unforgettable weekend, is watching Shania Twain perform live on a Saturday night

Is there anything better than hearing the iconic “Let’s go girls” by the legend herself? Definitely not! Also, Shania Twain is an ICON and her performance was nothing less than legendary as she proved that she is and she will ALWAYS “still be the one.

Sunday’s concert reached a rock crescendo as the legendary Foo Fighters took over the stage

With Dave Grohl’s powerhouse vocals and the band’s electrifying performance, the night became a rocking spectacle. The crowd was on their feet, soaking in hit after hit with the unmatched energy of the Foo Fighters. It was a legendary finale to an already epic weekend, proving once again that Yasalam knows how to deliver unforgettable musical experiences.


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