Up To AED1 Million Fine For Overcrowded Residences And How To Avoid Being Fined


Up to AED1 Million fine overcrowded residential areas

Local authorities will start implementing hefty penalties of up to AED1M to control overcrowding in residential areas!

Abu Dhabi’s Civil Defense Authority, aims to improve the quality of living in the Emirate by safeguarding neighborhood residents and increasing their understanding of the negative impacts of crowded living.

They’re calling on all residents, property owners, and companies to abide with the rule by keeping the number of occupants per residential unit to a minimum and placing employees in residential zones that are specifically allocated for them.

AD’s DMT launches “Your home, your responsibility” campaign to regulate overcrowding in residential areas

The Department of Municipalities and Transport launches the “Your home, your responsibility” campaign to regulate overcrowding in residential areas..

The inspection campaign is set to launch during the first three months of 2023, and the Department of Municipalities and Transport will be checking for violation of Law No. 8 of 2019 concerning the Regulation of Occupancy of Properties and Residential Units.

What standards are inspected to determine overcrowding?

General cleanliness, lack of security and safety standards, and negatively reflecting on the city’s appearance are some of the key points that will be inspected.

Other key major ‘signs’ that will be monitored include include disturbances, loud noise, and parking in undesignated spaces or prohibited parking spaces. Drying clothes on windows, balconies and railings, are also other aspects that will be inspected.

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