UPDATES: You Will Not Be Fined Until A Certain Period If You Cross The Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Without Balance


Drivers can (sort of) relax because if your vehicle licenses are registered to Abu Dhabi then you will not be immediately fined if you pass beneath a toll gate without having enough balance in your account.

According to the Ibrahim Al Hammoudi, Executive Director of the Surface Transport Sector at the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi, the unpaid and missed tolls will be charged to the motorist all at once at the time of renewing the vehicle’s registration. 

The Abu Dhabi toll system is all set to come into effect on October 15

  • Drivers will be charged up to AED4 during rush hours of 7 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 7 pm, Saturday to Thursday
  • A charge of AED2 will be applied if you’re crossing the toll gates off-peak hours. The charge of AED2 will also apply on Fridays and public holidays
  • You can spend up to a maximum of AED16 daily
  • The toll collection system operates 24/7
  • The new toll gate system and ITPS are exempted from VAT

If you are registering your vehicle in Abu Dhabi after October 15 you will have to manually sign up with the cost of AED100

If your vehicle has been registered in Abu Dhabi before October 15, then you would have automatically been signed up for the payment system.

For cars registered outside of Abu Dhabi, you can register your vehicles to toll gate the payment system here.

According to local news, a grace period of 10 working days will be granted for cars registered outside of Abu Dhabi who pass beneath the toll without having signed up

The new toll gates in Abu Dhabi are located on the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Bridge, Al Maqta Bridge and Mussafah Bridge.


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