Waitrose Might Start Charging For Plastic Bags In Dubai


The well-known supermarket chain in UAE, Waitrose, might start charging for plastic bags after a similar initiative proved to be successful in Abu Dhabi.

Last month, Waitrose began to sell plastic bags for 25 fils at five of its stores in Abu Dhabi and the result was quite uplifting.

In two weeks, only 5,728 plastic bags were sold.

The result being, the purchasing of plastic bags had been reduced by 74%. SEVENTY FOUR PERCENT!

After the success at its stores in Abu Dhabi, Waitrose and Spinneys are bringing this initiative to Dubai to make an even greater change.

Chief executive of Waitrose, Matthew Frost said: “There is always more we can do, but these initial findings show us that the community fully supports our decision and we hope that following conclusion of the trial, this initiative can be rolled out across of all our nine stores and beyond.”

To make things better (and more eco-friendly) there’s in-store bag exchange, where people can drop by the store to give used plastic bags which could be used by other customers.

Isn’t this such a positive way to save the environment?!


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