5 Family-Friendly Activities The Kids Will Love At The Waterfront Market


If you are a family with young kids in Dubai, and you haven’t spent a day making the very most of The Waterfront Market, you’re missing out!

Located at the crossroads of Al Khaleej Road and Abu Hail Road, the waterfront is not just the largest fish, meat and fresh produce market in the region (worth a visit for this alone!), but it’s also a BRILL spot for a family afternoon out. Perfect for the little ones, there are play areas, horseback rides, inflatable fun balls are more…

Here are five activities the kids will love at The Waterfront Market


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5. Take a horse ride on The Waterfront

What a great activity! The Waterfront Market is situated on a promenade which stretches along the gleaming Deira Corniche waterway. And on the walkway, you’ll find petite ponies available for horseback rides – this is such a great way to explore the promenade!


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4. The Climb and Slide is SO much fun

An indoor play area for the littlies, this shaded area includes lots of slides, a ball pit and a mini-trampoline. Costing AED15 per hour, this is like a mini-adventure and something the kids will always want to return to.

3. The plush animal rides are an adorable way to roam the market

You’ve probably spotted these animal rides at locations around Dubai. Choose any colour, shape or size and the kids can roam in the market on their very own soft animal.

And wait for it… the animals carry the weight of an adult! Perfect if you want to accompany your child on the ride.

How much? AED10 for a five-minute ride.


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2. The Fun Ball is a large inflatable ball that rolls on water

Erm, epic! Kids can hop into the fun ball, a transparent ball that rolls over the water. It’s super safe and something kids can enjoy by themselves, for ten minutes per ride.

How much? AED20 for 10 minutes.

1. The vending machine games are ON POINT

If you didn’t spend your childhood playing on arcade machines, now’s the time to make up for it! There are a variety of games including motorbikes and car rides available, costing between AED2 and AED5.



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