Will You Get An AED1,000 Fine For Not Wearing A Mask Indoors? Authorities Clarify


Do you need to wear a medical mask indoors? Only if you’re ill.

Yesterday, new rulings for COVID-19 were announced which include fines between AED1,000 and AED50,000 created to deter the spread of COVID-19.

One, in particular, grabbed headlines after it was reported you could be fined AED1,000 for not wearing a mask indoors. And people understandably questioned who the new regulations applied to.

Now, government news agency WAM has clarified by clearly detailing WHO needs to wear a mask indoors -the ruling relates to people with chronic illness and those suffering from cold and flu symptoms only.

“AED1,000 for not wearing medical masks indoors by individuals suffering from chronic diseases, and those showing cold and flu symptoms, or failing to maintain social distancing.”

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