You Do You: Relax In These Wellness Domes That Are Available Across Dubai And Abu Dhabi


Everybody underestimates the power of taking some time out for yourself, even something as little as five minutes a day can truly make a difference. Especially in fast-paced cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, balancing work, play, family time and the little tidbits of daily errands- one would easily forget to take a minute and sit, breathe and clear their minds.

That’s where the beauty of wellness comes in, and why those who have long neglected some ‘me-time’ for themselves, should keep reading, because there are free-to-use wellness domes across Dubai and Abu Dhabi until November 24, 2019 that will make all the difference.

You deserve some ‘me-time’ and these pop-up domes are the secret start to that!

Winter has arrived and Westin Hotels & Resorts has just added a delightful new go-to for residents, thanks to the 5 pop-up domes that will be placed in different parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi over six weeks.

If you’re a workaholic who barely gets the time to relax, unwind and sit still- there’s a dome for you, if you’re a parent looking for some family time with the kiddos, there’s a dome for you, if you need to get back in touch with your health and learn about nutritious food, well guess what? There’s most definitely a dome for that too.

Oh, and when you visit any one of these domes (for free!)- you’re basically already in the entry to win a stay at the Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, in Mauritius, and all you have to do capture your experience at the dome and upload it to social media by using the #WestinWellnessDome hashtag.

A double-win, if you ask us.

Everyone deserves to feel well, sleep well, eat well, work well, play well and move well- and these domes do just that:

“Wellness has become an essential part of a travel experience and our guests are looking for ways to integrate their daily self-care routine while away from home. As a brand routed in wellness, Westin empowers its guests to prioritise your own well-being with programs that encourage guests to not just ‘get up’ in the morning but to ‘rise’. Westin Hotels & Resorts’ six pillars of wellness, as stated above, means these domes will provide people with much-needed ‘me-time’, based on the dome they visit.”

Sandra Schulze-Potgieter, Vice President Premium & Select Brands at Marriott International Middle East & Africa

She said it best. You can step inside a dome that’ll allow you to feel well, by getting a 10-minute complimentary massage or play well by practising your golf swing and getting tips from a pro, or step inside a dome with the little ones for a cute terrarium building workshop. Each dome houses an element of how you can enhance your own well-being.

Check out what’s been happening in the domes so far…

The Family Dome Time where scrapbook-making took place, families got to celebrate all the love while rekindling old memories with your loved ones in a safe and quiet little bubble. This  15-minute session admitted one printed picture per family per day, all of whom got to clear their minds and just be one with family.

Where? City Walk Dubai

When? This fun dome took place on October 24-26, 2019

The ‘Cool Down’ Dome helped people freshen up during the summer heat

This awesome dome was set-up with iced popsicles made with fresh fruits, handcrafted frozen juice shots and a juicing station to help residents and visitors stay hydrated and refreshed.

This was also set up to help boost peeps’ immune system, along with its many other health benefits.

The more you know.

Don’t miss out on the next three domes…

The Heavenly Dome

Sitting at a desk for long hours, attending meetings or being out in the sun means not getting enough time in for a little self-love. The Heavenly Dome is there to remind people of the importance to recharging, getting that stretch in, that will ultimately make those working hours better. A Westin spa therapist will give hard-workers a 10-minute shoulder massage to relieve those tensions.

Ahh, isn’t it heavenly?

Where? Dubai Media City Courtyard

When? November 12-14, 2019 from 8am-6pm.

FYI, book your massages at the dome ahead of time. This is limited to one massage per person per day, and there will be female masseuses.

The Wonder Dome

The Wonder Dome is just as it sounds a time for children to connect with the wonderments of this world: starting with the basics, nature. This Dome will give the kiddos a chance to make terrariums through workshops, where they can build amazing miniature gardens or simply learn about physics, biology and gardening, enhancing curiosity, precision skills and to increase patience.

Where? The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina

When? November 22-23, 2019 from 9am-7pm

FYI, this is for one session per child and children must be aged 5+ to enter!

The Put Well Dome

Golfing isn’t just a sport well-played by Tiger Woods, but one that everyone loves for its ability to teach an individual about harnessing and balancing your physical and mental wellbeing. This incredible dome will give you a chance to switch up your swing by analysing your movement with high-technology that can single out your moves in 4D motion and will then give you tips and tricks on improving it.

Where? The Westin Resort Abu Dhabi

When? November 28-30, 2019 between 9am-7pm

FYI,  this gives peeps one session, per day and has a certain height restriction.


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