Will Smith Dropped A Hint He Wants To Do Something Big In Dubai


If a city has a celebrity ambassador, one who doesn’t live in the country but who loves to come for the love of the city, Dubai’s would be Will Smith.

As much as he’s got big fans here in the city, he loves the city right back. On a low-key level; in August he was spotted golfing here with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, he was front and centre at the Abu Dhabi GP in 2018, literally waving the flag, he’s been sky-diving and he’s been to ski Dubai… pretty much-fulfilling everyone’s Dubai bucket list.

But is there more to come?

Kris Fade got the chance to catch up with the ultimate Hollywood movie star in Paris, ahead of his Bad Boys 3 release and Will Smith mentioned he hopes to do something big in Dubai one day

Are they besties yet?

Not only does Will Smith love Dubai, he even helped Kris propose to his fiance Briana back in May!

Zero chill: Bad Boys 3 is coming people!



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