14 Times Will Smith Has Shown He Is Quite Possibly The UAE’s Biggest Fan


Sometime between closing the Abu Dhabi F1 and posing for a picture while sitting on a toilet at the very top of the Burj Khalifa, it became clear that Will Smith might possibly be the UAE’s biggest fan.

The American actor and all-round legend was late to the game when he opened his Instagram account in 2017, but his ‘gram game is STRONG. And now, with nearly 30 million followers and counting, nowhere in the world does he give shout outs quite like the shout outs he gives to Dubai.

He’s tried all the major Dubai activities and his IG feed is an amazing endorsement for the city.

So here goes; a snippet of the times Will Smith has shown he’s the UAE’s biggest fan.

You don’t need to dig deep into social media history of the Fresh Prince to see how much he loves the UAE

14. The time his ‘sittin’on top of the world’ caption gave us life

13. Just 27 MILLION views on this: the time Will Smith and his son Trey raced on the Abu Dhabi Yas Marina track

“This is your greatest ‘bring your kid to work day’ ever”

12. When he showed off his Emirati dance moves during an interview with Virgin


11. When he became the definition of SHOOK at his ski chalet next to Ski Dubai

10. When his father-in-law had a mini heart attack (seriously) after a Skydive Dubai jump – but the story had a happy ending

9. When he became besties with the Skydive Dubai team

This is an old picture, he’s been there countless times

Screenshot 2019 04 01 17 12 04

8. When he wore a UAE branded hat and had jokes with Randy at Ski Dubai

“I can’t believe that Randy’

7. When Will Smith’s one wish for his 50th birthday was for his wife Jada to skydive in Dubai

6. When he spent a night hanging out in D3 with UAE-based designer Arwa Al Banawi

5. When he spoke to press about confronting fear: and faced HIS ultimate fear in Dubai in 2014

4. When he shared moments of family time in Dubai

3. And made us laugh every minute

‘There’s Nothing like a Beautiful Sunset Dinner in the Dunes of Dubai to bring people closer!’

2. When he proved he was the ultimate choice to close the Abu Dhabi GP this year

Screenshot 2019 04 01 17 35 33

1. And provided the internet limitless lols when he posted skits with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton

Will Smith loves the UAE and we love him right back


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