World-Famous YouTubers Were All Partying At A Dubai Birthday Bash This Weekend


Try and rack up the number of social media followers between this group and you’ll easily stumble into the millions.

Try and count the VIEWS this talented group of mates have tallied, across multiple platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Insta…) and you would be here a veryyyyy long time.

This weekend Ahmed ALNasheet, aka DvLZGaME, a Dubai-based content creator, YouTuber, gamer and voice actor (he’s worked with both Marvel and Disney and most recently he lended his voice to Angry Birds Movie 2!) celebrated his birthday and the who’s who of internet stars descended on a slick Dubai bar to celebrate too.

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The party happened at Tokyo Vibes and the cake was ridiculouslyyy extra!

Happy birthday Ahmed!

Ahmed has been nominated for Nickelodeon’s favourite Gamer of 2019!

The Kids Choice Awards Abu Dhabi 2019 is the first Nickelodeon show of its kind for the region.

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