Camila Cabello Just Wrote The Most Incredible Post Praising Her Travel Experience To Dubai


As with all concert that pass through Dubai, we’re left with an array of lasting memories, one such memory is seeing our favourite artists soak in that Dubai life.

G-Eazy hung around town, performed at an afterparty along with Macklemore but singer Camila Cabello chose to explore what she could during her limited time in the UAE.

And can we just say, if you didn’t already love the Havana singer then, her recent social media posts might change your mind

The starlet visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque then shared a beautiful sentiment about her discovery

Albeit in Abu Dhabi, this majestic masjid has been one of the UAE’ (or the region’s) most most distinctive mosques. It is, after all, the largest mosque in the country.

Camila, draped in a modern-hued red abaya and shayla was mesmerised by it.

In an Instagram post, the 21-year-old quoted the late Anthony Bourdain who said, “It seems that the more places I experience, the bigger I realise the world to be,” to which she stated how humbling it is to travel to another place and experience a completely different culture.

She also spoke about how a lovely woman helped her with the hijab

“It makes you realize how small your world is in comparison to how big the world actually is; how you’re only living one version in a million of the human experience. But at the same time travel makes you realize we’re not really all that different. I wore a hijab to be respectful when visiting this mosque and at the store this really sweet girl helped me put it on. We didn’t speak the same language, but she was smiling as she helped me, and it felt like she was a close friend. I can’t really describe it, but experiences like this give me such a special feeling of being really close to and really loving people.”

And of course, Camila did not leave without getting a taste of the Dubai desert

No tourist to Dubai has ever left without the jalabeeya (the traditional women’s dress) and prancing around the sands of Dubai’s stretched deserts.

Camila wouldn’t have missed this, no no.

After which, she urged other people to save up and travel

“Never in my life did I think I would see a place like this, I urge anyone to save up to travel, and not like a beach/ resort type thing, but to a place that couldn’t be more different than what you know – it changes your life and mind in every way possible and is one of (and arguably the most) the greatest, most humbling adventures of living. Getting to see places like this just makes me desperate to see more.”

That was beautiful, Cami


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