Young Ma Dressed In A Thobe Resulting In A MAJOR Religious Debate In The Comments Section


Young Ma shared a photo of herself in a traditonal thobe and ghutra and has received a mixed bag of reactions- as a result of ‘the comments section’.

American female rapper, Young MA, just wrapped up a performance in Abu Dhabi’s MAD nightclub over the weekend as part of the Abu Dhabi Showdown Week and although this isn’t her first time in the UAE- fans were pretty astounded by her appearance.

But this photo has racked up a mixed bag of comments

The traditional male outfit worn by the female rapper caused some concern, in terms of religion, to some.

The thobe, otherwise called the dishdasha or kandoora, is a garment often worn by men in the Arab region, and is the equivalent to an abaya for women. Although no rules are enforced on whether or not the opposite sex is allowed to wear the others’ treaditional clothing, it is often frowned upon and considered disrespectful.

‘The disrespect’

“You may not understand the severity of it, but it is not appropriate whatsoever as Islam forbids women and men to wear the clothing of the opposite sex”

Others didn’t see what was wrong with the attire

…and were curious as to how welcomed the rapper was during her stay in the UAE.

Some thought she resembled another well-known rapper



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