52 Pilgrims Traveling To Makkah Have Crashed Into A Metal Barrier In Abu Dhabi


Tuesday morning the Abu Dhabi police had taken to social media to announce the traffic accident of a bus involving 52 pilgrims who were travelling from Mecca to Oman through the UAE.

The bus hit a metal road barrier and the bottom of the vehicle was completely wrecked.

The Abu Dhabi police department notified that 52 devoted pilgrims were taking the journey from Makkah after performing Umrah to Oman when the bus clashed with a metal barrier on the UAE highway.

The pilgrims travelling to the Holy City were well taken care of by the Abu Dhabi police department


The social media posts inform that no casualties were reported in the accident as the first responders came to aid within minutes of the accident

The accident which took place on Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road heading towards Oman had seen ZERO injuries or casualties.

The Director of the Department of Traffic of the Outer Region at Abu Dhabi Traffic Police said that the first responders quickly reached the site of the accident to rescue the pilgrims from any further commotion.

The pilgrims have been provided with temporary lodging to take rest in, meals and drinks until alternative means of transportation can be arranged.

This user is suggesting that a co-driver accompanies bus drivers on long bus journeys.

Thus, the sleepy bus drivers can alternate amongst themselves, ensuring the safety of the passengers as well as themselves

This is the second accident that’s happened in two months involving an Omani bus

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The Final Sentence Has Been Handed To The Driver Involved In The Tragic Omani Bus Accident


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