A Healthcare Centre In Abu Dhabi Is Facing A Fine Of AED 1 million

Mayar Ibrahim

Your health matters, and the Department of Health is committed to ensuring quality healthcare for the community! That’s why the DoH unveiled strict measures against a healthcare centre and other facilities for breaking various laws.

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) is the regulator of the healthcare sector in the Emirate. Additionally, it unveiled a series of decisive measures and actions it took against several healthcare facilities found in violation of healthcare laws, regulations, and policies.

The DoH fined a healthcare centre in Abu Dhabi AED 1 Million and referred several doctors for investigation

This center can no longer provide dental services at any branch due to suspected fraud. The DoH closed the center because of mishandling public funds, preventing them from providing services in the future.

Also, they closed 8 other healthcare facilities for breaking a variety of laws following extensive inspections. The clinics broke laws relating to the prevention of infectious diseases, failure to follow electronic reporting rules and neglecting public health statistics standards.

The DoH urges Abu Dhabi healthcare centres to follow its policies for the betterment of the community

Due to centres failing to follow the policies and laws of healthcare, the DoH closed 4 home care centres and a dental clinic.

Here’s why they closed the home care centres:

  • Failure to obtain proper patient consent for treatment
  • Neglected to provide clear explanations for procedures and risks
  • Failure to provide essential medicines, supplies, and devices for emergencies
  • Granting unauthorised use of the healthcare clinic to unlicensed people

The reasons they closed the dental clinic are:

  • The employment of unlicensed professionals
  • Failure to follow sterilisation protocols
  • Use of non-sterile medical supplies
  • Failure to record or document a comprehensive medical history, procedures, examinations, interventions of treatment in the files
  • Practicing in a field different from their license

The Department will continue improving healthcare quality and efficiency by overseeing and correcting facility violations to ensure community health and safety.

AED1 million fine healthcare

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