A Landmark Hindu Temple Takes Shape In Abu Dhabi: PM Modi To Inaugurate In February


Abu Dhabi is set to welcome a magnificent landmark as India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepares to inaugurate the UAE’s first traditional hand-carved Hindu temple in February.

The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, the organization building the temple, announced that Mr. Modi will attend an evening dedication ceremony on February 14, following the consecration and blessing of seven deities in special morning prayers.

The temple, situated in Abu Dhabi’s Abu Mureikha area, off the main motorway between Dubai and the capital, will then open to the public on February 18.

Construction on the eagerly anticipated religious site, featuring captivating sculptures set in pink sandstone and white marble, is progressing rapidly. Soaring pinnacles and delicate marble arches are now clearly visible despite the scaffolding that covers the intricate carvings.

The scaffolding will be removed by the end of the month, allowing sculptors to complete the interior work. Mr. Modi had launched the project in 2018 when he unveiled the first model, showcasing a monument with seven spires to mirror the Emirates.

Seven Spires, Seven Emirates

Sculpting work commenced in 2020, and the temple’s striking form, seven shikhars, or spires, and the carved pink stonework now rise from the UAE desert landscape. The spires represent the Emirates, and each section tells the story of the life and teachings of deities worshipped by Hindus across India.

The temple, a symbol of cultural harmony and interfaith understanding, is expected to attract visitors from all over the world. It will serve as a place of worship, education, and social interaction for the Hindu community in the UAE.


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