Abu Dhabi Authority Shuts Down Butcheries & Supermarket For Food Safety Violations


The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority has taken decisive action against violations of food safety regulations, resulting in the closure of two butcheries and a supermarket deemed to pose significant risks to public health.

An administrative closure decision was issued against Al Amal Butchery and Al Ayham Butchery, both located in Mushrif Mall, for repeated breaches of food safety requirements outlined in Law No. 2 of 2008.

The authority cited concerns over public health endangerment, including reports of insect infestation in food preparation areas and the misrepresentation of imported meat as local produce.

The closure of these establishments underscores the authority’s commitment to upholding food safety standards and preventing the spread of high-risk violations. It emphasizes the importance of compliance with health regulations to protect public health and mitigate the recurrence of such infractions.

In addition to the butcheries, Safeway supermarket in the Khalidiya area faced administrative closure due to multiple violations, notably the sale of expired food products displayed for purchase. The authority emphasized the need for strict adherence to food safety regulations to maintain public health standards and prevent the circulation of potentially harmful goods.


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