WATCH: An Intense Footage Shows How The Abu Dhabi Police Busted Phone Scammers


Abu Dhabi Police, along with Ajman Police, arrested 24 Asian nationals from a rented apartment in Ajman who have been involved in fraudulent phone calls to residents of the UAE.

The police in this country are known for their efficiency and ability to track down illegal activities in a matter of days, and this footage is a testament to that.

This looks like something out of an action movie

In an Instagram post, the Abu Dhabi police mentioned arresting the ‘culprits who have cheated people by promising them bogus cash prizes.’

The director of CID with the Abu Dhabi Police, Brigadier Imran Ahmed Al Mazrouei mentioned that the gang had cheated people by asking them to transfer telephone recharge cards to ‘process the cash prizes they have won.’


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