Abu Dhabi Police Crack Down On Noisy Drivers With New AED 2000 Fine


Attention, drivers in Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi Police have issued a stern warning against engaging in disruptive activities on the roads, including generating excessive noise from vehicles.

Violators will face hefty fines of Dh2000 and 12 traffic points under Article “20” of the Traffic Law.

In a bid to curb the disturbing trend, Abu Dhabi Police released an awareness video urging motorists to refrain from behaviors that disrupt public tranquility, such as honking excessively and accelerating excessively. The police emphasized the negative impact of such activities, particularly on residents living near sandy areas, causing disturbance and anxiety, especially among vulnerable groups like children, the sick, and the elderly.

The noise from vehicles not only creates panic and tension among motorists but also disrupts the peace and security of communities. Abu Dhabi Police urged motorists to adhere to driving regulations and avoid modifying their vehicles to increase noise levels, ensuring public roads remain safe and quiet.

To further combat this issue, the Capital Police encouraged the public to report noisy vehicles directly to the police through the 999 command and control centre hotline, urging everyone to play an active role in maintaining peace and tranquility in their neighborhoods.


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