Abu Dhabi Police Address Speed Limit Rumors On A Major Road

Malak Nazir

After circulating rumors… Abu Dhabi Police tackle speed limit rumors that’s spreading on social media

In response to the fast-spreading rumors about changes to speed limits, Abu Dhabi Police calmly stepped in to set the record straight. The speed on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed International Road “Mafraq – Al Ghuwaifat” remains unchanged at 160kmph, ensuring a smooth and familiar drive for all.

Using X, the police efficiently quashed misconceptions, reaffirming the importance of relying on credible sources. Their timely intervention reminded us that not everything we read online speeds past the truth.

This recent whirlwind of rumors serves as a gentle nudge to all of us about the power and speed of information in the digital age. Before sharing, a quick check with official sources can prevent the spread of inaccuracies.

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