Abu Dhabi Public Bus Fares Have Been Standardized For A Seamless Journey


Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Center (ITC) has announced a standardized fare structure for all public buses, making it easier and more affordable for passengers to travel within the city and its suburbs. The new fare structure simplifies the payment process and eliminates the need to pay multiple base fares when taking multiple buses to reach your destination.

No Need to Pay Multiple Base Fares

With the new fare structure, passengers will only pay a base fare of Dh2, plus 5 fils per kilometer, with a maximum cap of Dh5 per journey. This means that passengers can seamlessly transfer between buses without incurring additional charges for the base fare.

Free Change of Buses

The new fare structure also introduces a “free change of buses” feature, allowing passengers to switch between buses as needed to reach their final destination. This feature is subject to three conditions:

  1. The passenger must change the bus within a reasonable period of time.
  2. The number of bus changes must not exceed two times.
  3. The passenger must not change to the opposite direction of their original itinerary.

Payment via Hafilat Smart Card

Payment for all bus journeys is processed using the Hafilat smart card. Passengers must swipe their Hafilat card upon boarding and exiting the bus to calculate the fare. For those who fail to swipe their card at the end of the journey, the maximum fare of Dh5 will be charged.

Streamlined and Affordable Public Transport

The standardized fare structure and free change of buses feature are designed to make public transport more convenient, affordable, and accessible to all residents of Abu Dhabi. This initiative aligns with the ITC’s goal of providing a seamless and integrated public transportation network that caters to the needs of all citizens and residents.


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