Abu Dhabi Temporarily Closes Parks and Beaches Amid Unstable Weather


Abu Dhabi’s municipality has taken precautionary measures by announcing the temporary closure of parks and beaches in the capital due to the prevailing unstable weather conditions across the UAE.

Effective from Friday, March 8, the closure is anticipated to remain in effect until weather conditions stabilize. This decision aligns with the municipality’s commitment to prioritizing the safety of the community and its residents during turbulent weather conditions.

The announcement follows similar actions taken by authorities in Sharjah, who recently declared the closure of all parks in the emirate in response to adverse weather forecasts expected over the weekend.

By temporarily closing parks and beaches, Abu Dhabi’s municipality aims to mitigate potential risks and ensure the well-being of residents and visitors. It underscores the authorities’ proactive approach to safeguarding public safety and minimizing any potential hazards associated with inclement weather.

As weather conditions are monitored closely, updates regarding the reopening of parks and beaches will be communicated to the public, allowing residents to resume recreational activities once conditions improve and the safety of outdoor spaces can be assured.


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