A Woman Is Being Deported From The UAE After The Horrific Treatment Of 40 Pets


This is truly shocking.

An Arab woman will be deported after she was found guilty of mistreating 40 cats.

The felines were found crammed in a room in her villa in Abu Dhabi, all in poor health and one dead. According to a report in the Khaleej Times, the woman would gather the cats and then resell them, although she did not hold an official licence to do so.

Neighbours reported a smell

She was reported to authorities after locals in the area became aware of a bad smell coming from her home. The cats were located by Abu Dhabi Police in cramped conditions, with cat faeces everywhere, according to the report. 

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Many of the cats required urgent treatment and were transported to the Emirates Wildlife Centre for care.

The woman denies the charges against her; she told the court she loves animals and looking after the cats was a hobby. She denies holding the cats to resell.

The woman has been found guilty; she must pay a fine and will be deported.

Keeping animals as pets in the UAE

There are jail terms and heavy fines in the UAE for people found mistreating animals.

People can face fines up to AED200,000 and a year imprisonment

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