Britain Just Escalated The ‘Risk-Level’ For Ships In The Region To The Highest Level Possible


The Strait of Hormuz is under spotlight following escalating tensions in the region.

And it’s been revealed the UK government has escalated the ‘risk-level’ for ships to a level three – the highest rating possible, according to international reports.

Last week, Iranian forces stormed a British tanker in the pressurised shipping route, following a similar move by British Royal Marines, who stormed an Iranian ship in the same region.

Stepping up military presence, the UK is now sending a second temporary warship, the HMS Duncan, to the strait in a ‘pre-planned’ move, according to Arabian Business.

The UK’s second warship is being deployed temporarily to maintain security

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*The Strait of Hormuz is a sea passage located between the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It’s the only route from the Arabian Gulf to the open ocean and it’s the primary connection for oil from the Middle East to the rest of the world. Iran and Oman share territorial right over the passage. (Main image British Royal Navy Destroyer: here).


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