Darb Timings Have Changed During Ramadan In Abu Dhabi

Mayar Ibrahim

Abu Dhabi’s toll gates operate on a specific time france which usually revolves around peak hours. So, now that it’s Ramadan, the Darb timings officially changed to match the rush hours of the Holy month.

The new Darb timings for Ramadan coincide with the new working hours of those in the UAE

The regular peak hours for the toll gates were 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm, Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, the new timings during Ramadan are 8am to 10am and 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

If you happen to pass through a toll gate during a Sunday don’t fret because Sundays are free!

The toll gate system is a part of several strategic projects that aims to reduce traffic in Abu Dhabi

Everytime you pass under the toll gate during the Darb timings, you’ll be charged AED 4 each time. Additionally, there is a daily and monthly cap in place for those passing toll gates in the peak hours as the following:

  • Daily cap – AED 16
  • First car’s monthly cap – AED 200
  • Second car’s monthly cap – AED 150
  • Then it’s AED 100 for every additional car

If you fail to register your car, have insufficient balance, or accumulate a certain amount of violations, do expect to pay a fine. Here’s a full list of the fines:

  • Unregistered vehicles that pass the toll gate when the grace period ends – 10 working days
    • First time – AED 100
    • Second time – AED 200
    • Third time and more AED 400
  • Insufficient Balance fine:
    • AED 50 for each transaction if you don’t have enough money on your Darb application after the 5 working days grace period
  • Manipulation fine
    • Manipulating the license plate of your car to get away from paying traffic fees leads to a AED 10,000 fine
  • Damaging Fine
    • AED 10,000 for anyone who damages any of the electronic payment machines or toll gates
  • Maximum / Accumulated Violations
    • No more than AED 10,000 fine to each vehicle owner that the driver committed a violation in accordance with the Traffic Tariff Law
    • Total fines for cumulative violations for a single car will not be more than AED 25,000 during the year from the date of the first violation

To register for Darb, click here.


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