DCT Abu Dhabi Reveals Remarkable Bronze Age Archaeological Discoveries In The Emirate


In a groundbreaking revelation, the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) Abu Dhabi has unveiled a trove of new archaeological discoveries, shedding light on the rich history and cultural heritage of the emirate.

The findings, announced in a recent statement, underscore Abu Dhabi’s significance as a historical crossroads and offer a glimpse into the lives of its early inhabitants on Sas Al Nakhl Island.

The archaeological excavations have unearthed a diverse range of objects, from ancient tools and pottery to architectural remnants, each piece contributing to a mosaic of Abu Dhabi’s past.

These existing discoveries are just a fraction of what is yet to be uncovered from Abu Dhabi’s Umm an-Nar Bronze Age culture (2700-2000 BCE).

The revelations have sparked excitement among historians, archaeologists, and the wider community, as the discoveries provide valuable insights into the region’s evolution over centuries.

Finds from the recent excavations include a well-preserved assemblage of over 30,000 bones revealing new insights into the Bronze Age diet. This diet consisted mostly of fish and seabirds, with dugongs clearly a rare delicacy.


Stone objects include grinding stones, polished stones, stone axes, beads, a softstone bowl and pierced circular stone disks, used to weigh down fishing nets. Copper objects include a small adze or chisel and fishhooks.

Experts believe that the findings will contribute significantly to the understanding of Abu Dhabi’s role in the broader historical and cultural context of the Arabian Peninsula.

These discoveries indicate that Sas Al Nakhl Island was thriving port from approximately 2800 to 2200 BC and is of significant international importance, due to its commercial activities with Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley (modern-day Pakistan and India).

DCT Abu Dhabi plans to curate and showcase these discoveries in cultural institutions, providing residents and visitors with an immersive experience that connects them to the emirate’s rich heritage.

As news of the archaeological revelations spreads, the public is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to explore and learn more about the historical treasures that have been hidden beneath the sands of time.

DCT Abu Dhabi’s dedication to uncovering and preserving these artifacts reflects the emirate’s commitment to cultural stewardship and its role as a guardian of the past for future generations.



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