Eight Friends Chipped In For A Raffle Ticket In Abu Dhabi That Won Them AED12 Million


Three raffle tickets turned into an AED12 million lottery prize for eight lucky friends, according to Gulf News

John Varughese and his friends had each chipped in money towards the raffle tickets, unknowingly that they would become millionaires. 

Varughese, a 47-year-old driver in Dubai for the past 11 years, convinced all seven of his friends to enter the competition every month after noticing that several Indians got lucky last year. 

What happens next 

Thinking it was a prank at first, Varughese was skeptical to believe the calls regarding the Big Ticket prize and the news set in only after the third phone call.

Getting one of the biggest shares, Varughese is planning on bringing his family from India to Dubai, to help people and to start a business in his hometown to support his friends and family. 

Some of the friends are planning to open up a grocery store in the UAE. 

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