An Expat Has Been Fined AED250,000 For Tweets He Posted


An Arab man has been fined AED250,000 for tweeting out abusive comments against a women based in Abu Dhabi.

The woman reported the man to police after seeing the tweets.

The man said he apologized to the lady once he was found guilty by the Department of Cyber Crimes, he later said how he didn’t mean to insult her in the tweet.

In the UAE, defamation is a criminal rather than a civil matter and the country gives high regard to the safety and reputation of it’s citizens. Therefore, one found committing cyber crimes can face imprisonment, hefty fines as well as deportation.

The man failed to appear in court following his summons and the judge issued the fine in his absence

Article 20 in the Federal Law of Combating Cyber Crimes clearly states that anyone found using media to be:

  • insulting
  • accusing a person of an act they could be punished for or being held in contempt by others
  • by using a computer network or any means of information technology will face a fine of up to 500,000 dirhams.


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