The UAE Has Broken A New World Record That Sounds A Bit Odd Until You Learn Why It’s Beautiful


The Year of Tolerance has come with a lot of opportunities given to the community this year, like the ease on regulations and the Popes’ historic visit to a Muslim-country (among others) and it seems there is no stopping it.

The UAE is non-stop with the record-breaking and pushing barriers in the region, and another testament to this is with its most-recent Guinness World Records title.

The UAE has yet again broken a world record- this time for something a little peculiar (at first hear)

The record? An entire swimming pool was filled with LOADS of people in the UAE

But before you go and wonder, why and how this ties in with The Year of Tolerance, keep on reading…

This year’s Guinness World Record was succeeded at Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi, for having the ‘Most Nationalities in a Swimming Pool’ on Friday.


The show of diversity at the waterpark tied around 102 people from all different cultures


Not that the UAE needed a world record to prove just how multicultural and tolerant it is towards other cultures.

This is what the world needs more of.


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