The Man Convicted In The Rape-Murder Case Of The 11-Year-Old Boy In Abu Dhabi Is Appealing His Death Sentence


The Abu Dhabi-based man, who was convicted of strangling an 11-year-old Pakistani boy to death after raping him at the rooftop of their building, is denying all charges.

He states that he has been wrongly convicted and is challenging his execution sentence.

The 33-year-old Pakistani man was sentenced to death last November

The court also ordered the killer to pay AED 200,000 in blood money to the child’s family.

He appeared in court for his first hearing without a lawyer and the court ordered him to appoint one.

The lawyer who will be paid by the state

All defendants on trial for capital offenses and those who may face either a death penalty or life in prison must be fairly represented by a defense lawyer under the law.

He had previously been tested for mental stability (and was found to be clinically sane) before being put on trial.

The trial has been adjourned until February 13.


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