A Man Was Arrested After Posing As A Woman On Snapchat And Scamming Other Men


This one is a little bit of a doozy but it’s a reminder to those that catfishing is real and exists everywhere. 

An Arab man in his 30s was arrested by Abu Dhabi police for conning several users on Snapchat by posing to be a woman

He created several fake social media accounts and started to catfish other users online – he even lured other men into securing dates with him for AED500 in return. 

After paying him, the conman would arrange to meet them at a specific time and place but proved to be a no-show to the suspects. 

He was arrested by CID

The CID entity of the Abu Dhabi Police managed to capture the Arab man after several complaints were received from the victims of the electronic fraud. 

After the arrest of the cat-fish, he was found with numerous smart phones, false names of women and inappropriate pictures and videos. 

Catfishing is dangerous

Abu Dhabi Police took to their social media to warn social media users of users like this. 

An important reminder that social media comes with it’s own consequences – you should never communicate with strangers online as they might not actually be who they say they are.  

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