Maternity Leave Extended To 90 Days For Emirati Women In Private Sector In Abu Dhabi

Mayar Ibrahim

Abu Dhabi is a city that is constantly changing for the better. Just yesterday, the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, led by Crown Prince Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed approved the Emirati Family Growth Programme. What does it mean? For starters, it means that maternity leave for Emirati women in the private sector of Abu Dhabi is now 90 days!

In addition to changes to Emirati women’s maternity leave dates, the Emirati Family Growth Programme consists of other initiatives

So, grab your pen and pad ’cause it’s time to take notes of everything included in this new programme!

  • Marriage Loan Initiative: Promotes simple marriages with an interest-free financial advance for citizen employees in public and private sectors.
  • Maternity Leave Support for Women Working in Private Sector Initiative: Extends maternity leave for citizen mothers in the private sector to 90 days.
  • Home Visit Service Initiative: Provides assistance during the first weeks of motherhood, supporting parents’ well-being and monitoring child’s development.
  • Rental Assistance for Newlyweds: Offers annual rental assistance to newly married couples for four years, with declining support and incentives linked to the birth of children.
  • Loan Partial Deduction: Exempts a percentage of the loan amount with the birth of the fourth, fifth, and sixth child.
  • Extending Housing Loan Repayment Period: Extends housing loan repayment by three years, linked to the birth of the fourth, fifth, and sixth child.

The programme aims to improve the growth and stability of Emirati families. As it recognises them as key drivers of economic and social development in the emirate. It introduces a series of initiatives to foster the social ecosystem, empower youth to build stable families, and provide a framework encouraging UAE National youth to marry and have children. Also, this approach enhances family stability and strengthens community cohesion and integration.

emirati family programme - maternity leave

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