The Director General Of The National Media Council Has Made New Statements On The Changes To Influencer Laws


New laws were recently announced in regards to the regulation of influencers – and the requirements that they have business licences to trade. 

The initial announcement created a little confusion – who would the new laws affect? What would it require? How much would licences cost? 

The updates and information has been rolled out over the course of the past few months, and created conversations regarding influencers endorsing products for renumeration. 

Director general of the National Media Council, General HE Mansour Al Mansouri made a statement today at the MEPRA Majlis event in Abu Dhabi

He said when asked about accepting experiences and tickets as payments: “It is not about getting tickets, it is about getting paid. Importantly, differentiating between advertisement and endorsement is the the responsibility of the advertiser not to fool the audience.”

He also said: “Social media influencers who conduct commercial activities though social media platforms – advertisements, news, whatever it may be – need a licence. If they are getting paid, they need a licence.

“They are conducting commercial activities so there needs to be a legal framework. To protect the consumer too. 

“We are looking at the difference between endorsing versus advertising, the consumer has the right to understand. 

“We’ve seen cases where influencers were advertising health products that weren’t  endorsed by the Ministry of Health. We want to regulate that industry and raise the standard.”

The statements were made at the MEPRA Majlis media event at Jumeirah Etihad Towers. 


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