6 Important Tips To Ensure You Stay Safe On UAE Roads In Foggy Conditions


Yesterday, a shocking collision involving 44 cars took place in Abu Dhabi.

The crash, which left 20 injured and two critical, happened on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Street, early on Tuesday morning.

Brig Khalifa Mohammed Al Khaiaili, Director of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate stated the accident was caused by heavy fog, low visibility and drivers’ failing to abide by safety rules, and failing to keep a safe distance between vehicles.

Police have since issued an important message for drivers during foggy conditions

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With the heavy fog expected to continue, here are six tips to ensure you stay safe on the roads

1. Double the safe distance between cars

2. Remain extra cautious

3. Don’t be distracted by using your phone

4. Do not use your hazard lights

(A common mistake as hazard lights can cause more confusion on the roads during foggy weather)

5. Stay under the speed limit

6. Avoid roads if possible

The National Centre of Seismology & Meteorology, the UAE’s national weather website is a useful tool, if heavy fog is coming, you’ll know about it.

Therefore, when extreme fog is coming, the safest way to avoid a hazard is to avoid the roads.

National Car Free Day took place on February 4 and is was a brilliant example of finding alternative modes of transport for the daily commute.

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