“We Stand By Our French Friends And Mourn The Damage Inflicted”


On Monday, Notre-Dame de Paris went up in flames.

The world watched in awe as firefighters worked to control the ‘likely accidental’ blaze as it quickly ripped through the medieval Catholic Cathedral, causing untold amounts of damage.

On Tuesday, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed tweeted a message of support to France, as the country vows to rebuild the medieval structure and donations from Europe’s wealthiest families come rolling in.

“The UAE mourns the damage”

Footage of the fire was caught from nearly every angle

The internet watched in horror as the famous spire collapsed

The building is known as one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in the world

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, and the Cathedral is a top tourist attractions – many people hold fond memories of the Church

The fire quickly tore through the heavy wooden beams

Parisiens and tourists kneeling and singing Ave Maria in honour of the burning Cathedral in Paris on Tuesday night

French President Emmanuel Macron vows to rebuild in five years

He addressed the world live on the night of the fire

He vows to rebuild in five years and is calling on the world for donations

The people have answered:

So far, the city of Paris has raised €10million while French billionaires Francois-Henri Pinault and the Arnault family have pledged over €600million.


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