HH Sheikh Mohammed Has Tweeted A Frustration About The UAE’s US$100 Million Donation To Kerala


The Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has taken to Twitter to express frustrations about government officials – and it’s likely related to the news of Kerala flooding.

India was reported to be unlikely to accept the generous AED368 million offer, the UAE offered to aid the country in some of its worst flooding in history.

And the UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister, HH Sheikh Mohammed shared two tweets about government officials – stating ‘there are two types of government officials’.

It roughly translates to:

“Life taught me that there are two types of responsible people .. first type are good doers and love to serve people, their happiness lies in facilitating other peoples’ lives, and their value is in what they give, their real accomplishment is changing life to the better, they open doors and provide solutions and always aspire to benefit people.”

The second translates to:

“The second type are ‘good-blockers’, they make the easy difficult and they make the plenty inadequate. They suggest ways to make peoples’ lives more difficult, and their happiness lies in other people needing them and begging at their offices and doorsteps. Nations will never succeed unless the first type trumps the second type.”

The UAE offered the huge sum to India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi

To help rebuild to flood-ravaged state.

But it’s reported that India’s Ministry of External Affairs is rejecting the UAE’s assistance, looking to rely on domestic efforts to rebuild.

India has refused foreign aid since 2007.

The UAE works to regularly aid countries in need

Some countries the Emirates have sent aide in monetary and relief contributions are:

And plenty more!


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