A Truck Driver Has Been Arrested In Abu Dhabi After A 44 Car Collision On Tuesday


Heavy fog drastically reduced visibility for motorists this week and over 564 road accidents were recorded by Dubai Police on Thursday alone.

Tuesday saw the most severe accident occur as 44 cars were involved in a pile up on Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Street.

22 people were injured in the accident

Imagery circulated on social media showed the extent of the pile-up and the heavy fog which caused difficult driving conditions for the motorists.

Two people are believed to be critically injured following the many collisions.

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Footage from the accident shows a large truck travelling along Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Street and crashing into the vehicles 

The truck driver has since been arrested by Abu Dhabi police

The driver has been charged with unsafe driving and disobeying a heavy vehicle ban.

At the beginning if the year Abu Dhabi introduced a ban on heavy vehicles from the roads during peak hours and in unstable weather conditions.

The ban is in place between 6.30-9am and 3-6pm, however the truck diver was involved in the major pile up at around 8am on Tuesday morning.

Police have arrested the driver following his failure to comply with the heavy vehicle ban, putting the lives of other motorists at risk and driving in a reckless manner.

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