UAE’s Youngest Author Breaks Guinness World Record At Just Three Years Old


A three-year-old Emirati girl has made history by becoming the youngest author in the world!

This remarkable achievement showcases the exceptional talent and creativity flourishing within the nation’s youngest generation, inspiring awe and admiration worldwide.

A three-year-old Emirati girl named AlMaha Rashed AlMheiri has made history by publishing two children’s stories — ‘The Flower’ and ‘Honeybee’.

Within 24 hours, she sold over 1,000 copies of both her books and became the ‘youngest published writer in the world (female)‘, recognised by the Guinness World Records.

The young author’s groundbreaking accomplishment reflects the UAE’s commitment to nurturing talent and empowering its youth to pursue their passions from a tender age. Her debut as a published author at such a young age is a testament to the limitless potential and boundless opportunities available in the UAE.



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