A Unique Coffee Blend Just Launched At The Museum Of The Future

Lovin Abu Dhabi

Coffee lovers, guess what? A new and unique coffee blend just launched at an event in the glorious city of Dubai and guess what? It’s available across all Starbucks stores in the region! Get ready to try Dallah’s Treasure Blend, specifically crafted to cater to local taste preferences.

Starbucks launched its new coffee blend – Dallah’s Treasure Blend at the Museum of the Future

This exclusive blend features notes of rose, almonds and cardamom and has been created after research specifically to suit the taste palate of the audiences in the region. Also, it pays tribute to the rich history and tradition of Arabian coffee culture. The official launch of the Dallah’s Treasure Blend took place at the Museum of the Future!

Museum of the Future - Dallah’s Treasure Blend

Starbucks took coffee lovers on a multi-sensory experience with interactive learning pods

These interactive experiences allowed people to fully appreciate the blend’s unique qualities. If you thought you knew how to taste and drink coffee, you didn’t until this event! The experts in coffee tasting showed people how it’s done and how to take in the aromatics and notes of a cup of coffee. The key notes of this particular new blend are rose, cardamom and almonds. They also got to meet important regional figures and enjoy a free sample of the new Dallah’s Treasure Blend – DELISH!

Starbucks also announced that they’re donating to Gaza.

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