Here’s How You Can Get Over 50% Off Language Courses During The Holy Month Of Ramadan


Is anyone else kicking themselves for not taking a foreign language class back in your school days? 

Particularly in a multi-cultural city like Dubai where so many people are blessed with the gift of incredible language skills, (largely in thanks to dual-language speaking parents) yet there are many of us who wish we could speak in more than one language.

I kick myself for not trying harder at French and German class in school, and now in an Arabic speaking country I would LOVE to have even basic conversational skills.

So what to do?

You can get over 50% off language courses for the Holy Month of Ramadan at Eton Institute

We’ve all got shorter working hours, so let’s make the most of them!

Eton Institute is the UAE’s leading language provider offering courses in 160+ languages, teacher training, corporate training and language testing. And during the Holy Month, you can get over 50% off your total course fee! 

Develop your language skills for less, and optimise your learning in an interactive group class…

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What do you need to know

You can get over 50% off your total fee (the fee includes registration, books and VAT)

These courses last three weeks from May 27 to June 14, from Sunday to Thursday 4pm – 6pm at Eton Institute.

Eton Institute has branches in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Learn more here.


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