7 Reasons A Trip To Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island Is Just What You Need This Weekend


Saadiyat Island is a treasured gem in the eyes of Abu Dhabians, but it’s often overlooked by Dubai dwellers.

Steeped in natural heritage, accommodating a buzzing night scene and home to some of the UAE’s most lush resorts and the Saadiyat Cultural District and plenty more – it’s an ideal place to visit for a short stop (or longer if you so prefer!).

Here’s exactly why you should book yourself a weekend on Saadiyat Island.

1. Eid is over and you have post-holiday blues

You’re down because the long weekend is over – and you obviously need a little getaway to perk you up.

And Saadiyat Island is the answer. The stunning island off Abu Dhabi’s coast is easily accessible by car from Dubai, and has LOADS on offer.

2. Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi is there

Many are familiar with the international brand that is Buddha-Bar – there’s even one in Dubai.

But Abu Dhabi’s Buddha-Bar is not just a bar.

It’s called Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi because it has a beach-front decks, overlooking the Saadiyat beaches and is all kinds of beautiful.

Its interior is a colourful and chic testament to its beach destination inspiration, from the likes of Ibiza, Goa and Bali – with Bohemian touches in the decor and atmosphere.

Enjoy one of the carefully crafted cocktails, on the gorge beach terrace, or in the fab indoor bar, and enjoy your afternoon and evening in style.

3. It has crystal blue waters

Who needs Croatia or The Maldives, when you have beaches like this on your doorstep?

Saadiyat Island is surrounded by clear blue waters, that you can frolic in, all weekend long.

4. It’s less than an hour away

A simple 60-minute drive on the wide, straight highways means you a) don’t have to spend money on a plane ticket and b) don’t have to sit in a car for agesssss.

Given it’s just 60 minutes from Dubai South, it’s easily accessible AND has far less traffic than heading north of Dubai.

5. You might see a hawksbill turtle

These gorgeous endangered reptiles make Saadiyat Island their home for nesting season and the island even has a dedicated task force to help turtles washed up on the beach.

Taking a brief stroll around the Saadiyat Island beaches could have you stumble across one of the beautiful turtles.

6. It’s got AH-mazing foodie options

Including some SERIOUS sushi offerings. Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi has an EPIC sushi platter, this one called ‘Queen of the Beach’ (pictured below) that you do not want to miss.

Not to mention the extensive and impressive cocktail menu!

7. The nightlife is buzzing

You don’t have to go all the way into Abu Dhabi island to get a taste of the nightlife, St Regis Saadiyat Island is home to many stylish outlets – and Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi has not only an incredible cocktail menu, but it gets lively after dark.

There’s a range of live entertainment on weekends, DJs spinning the tunes into the wee hours, awesome deals on drinks, and loads of fun to be had!

A perfect place to be on a weekend – or week day for that matter!

So go on, get yourself down to Saadiyat Island this weekend!

You’re worth it.


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