UAE Arabs Embrace The Israel Peace Treaty Whole-Heartedly As They Proudly Wave The Israeli Flag 


A LOT has changed this year.

From the way we all collectively live to new realizations and even new beginnings as we say goodbye to our old ways. The UAE was no stranger to new beginnings this 2020, as the country has been going from strength to strength lately even in these tough times.

Along with making important decisions related to COVID and the economy, the country also recently decided to sign a monumental peace treaty with Israel.

Emiratis have accepted this decision whole-heartedly and have taken to social media to express their utmost support of the historic peace treaty.

Arab Muslims proudly hold the flag of Israel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What a beautiful display of peace. 🇮🇱🇦🇪

One user replied saying how “These pictures are defining moments of history” and indeed we could not agree more.

This goodwill picture was shared by, King Norah – the same person the iconic ‘UAE and Israeli flags in Dubai’ click

The daughter of the POTUS, Ivanka Trump also reshared her friendly and warm photo taken against the beautiful backdrop of the Dubai skyline

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